Assess Impact

Evaluating the impact of your outreach on a regular basis is vital for measuring its success, identifying areas for improvement, and pacing towards the achievement of the ultimate goal.

By looking closely at performance of each form of outreach, from platform to messaging theme, trends emerge that allow outreach stakeholders to hone a formula and identify subsets of producers who are most likely to support goal achievement.

What We Did

By using tracking codes, user engagement software, Google Analytics, email client data and other Farm Journal data sources, we monitored and measured more than 30 outreach tactics to understand what worked best and how each part of our campaign strategy played out in real life. We compared each tactic’s performance with readily available industry benchmarks to better understand what worked well and what did not. Then we looked across that information to see what type of themes emerged.

For example, we deployed 12 different visual advertisements. Each aligned with a different preference of the producers in the project area.

These 12 creative styles were grouped into three sets, including a classic visual style, a relaxed visual style, and a progressive visual style.

Throughout the campaign, we measured the performance of all creatives and found that the progressive style was outperforming the relaxed and classic style by nearly double. In order to maximize outreach funds and increase impact, we redeployed the progressive material as shown below.

Make it Happen

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Campaign Analysis Model

An important part of shaping your goals is planning and communicating your methods of measurement. Attaching numbers to your goals helps track how far you’ve gone and how far you need to go.


Insights from Sustainability Engagement Leaders

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